Workshops and schools

A list of training events (schools and workshops) is given below. Events flagged with the MaX logo are organized or supported directly by the MaX CoE.

Training material related to the MaX flagship codes

This section house the training materials related to the MaX flagship codes

Open Online courses and videolectures

One of the featured tasks of MaX is to offer to students and researchers a certain amount of online courses and video lectures in order to favour training at distance.

Training through research in the CoE labs

MaX offers specific training by hosting in its labs industrial researchers, academic researchers and PhD students interested in the computational tools developed in the CoE.

MAX offers integrated training and education in the field of HPC developments and in the computational materials science domain. We recognize that the skills gap is critical issue, especially in view of future developments of the field towards the exascale, and contribute to bridging such gap.

Our offer includes specific workshops and schools on HPC applications in computational material sciences, contributions to University courses and materials at both undergraduate and graduate level, and the possibility of training through research in the CoE labs.

Specific training activities for industrial end-users are offered as a dedicated service.